Friday, March 4, 2016

Lots of Exciting News

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the long break, but there is a lot to tell you all about. First of all, I have moved back to Ohio, and I'm glad to be settling down some roots at last. Once I'm a little more settled, look for me at local events in Ohio.

A new website is coming! I'll be changing things around so that it will be easier for me to make updates to the website more frequently.

I'm excited to announce a new book deal. I'll be writing two new middle grade novels for Katherine Tegen books. They are also historical adventures set in medieval times featuring a boy and his "changeling" sister as they seek a safe haven in their dark and dangerous world. I'm very excited for these stories, and hope all of my readers will enjoy them as much as The Secret Order books.

Finally, the paperback version of Shadow of the War Machine is now on the shelves, so now is a great time to try out the trilogy, complete in paperback!

I promise to keep you posted as the new website develops, and thank you so much for checking in here for the latest news.

Kristin Bailey