Friday, February 28, 2014

Locked out of Facebook

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to report that I have been locked out of control of my Facebook page, and so I can't post there, or moderate it. This is terribly unfortunate, and one of the many reasons Facebook is my least favorite of all the social media platforms.

Until I can regain control of the account, Please ignore any messages posted on the wall from others, and instead follow me on Twitter @KBaileyBooks

I am most active on Twitter and post lots of pictures of my pets and fun things to check out as well as any interesting articles that catch my eye as they flow through my feed. I respond to all @ tweets and often follow people who strike up genuine conversations with me.

I'll also attempt to figure out Tumblr, though I'm still a newbie at it. You can ask me questions there, and also look for pictures and fun things.

For any news, be sure to visit this link. All my publishing news, guest posts, interviews, and anything important about upcoming events will always be announced here.

I hope to have the Facebook issue resolved soon.  Thank you so much for your patience.

Kristin Bailey